AHA 2012–Teaching with Social Media

Jeffrey W. McClurken
University of Mary Washington
@jmcclurken Google+ (I’m on Facebook as well)

Social media[1] tool box:

UMWBlogs.org (WordPress.org),Facebook.com, zotero.org, Google Docs (docs.google.com) , Google Plus (plus.google.com), wikis (MediaWiki.org (Wikipedia’s platform) or pbworks.com or wikispaces.com), Flickr.com, youtube.com
     — Note that most of these sites have wonderful help tools to get people started.

Selected examples of social media uses in my courses:

Wikis as Group Discussions of Readings http://mcclurken.umwhistory.org/wiki/

My WordPress Blogs as Content/Course Management System

 Student WordPress Blogs as:

Open research log – Historical Methods

Reading reaction journal – First-Year Seminar

Continuing class discussion – US History in Film

Individual digital projects – US History in Film and American Technology & Culture

 Class Projects — Digital History

 Other UMW uses of WordPress Blogs in Teaching

Current UMW course/teaching blogs are catalogued at http://umwblogs.org/courses/.   See also http://umwblogs.org/support/tenwaystouseumwblogs/ for a discussion of other ways people at UMW are using blogs.


Other links on teaching with social media

The following free sources are generally worth examining if you’re interested in teaching with social media:

The Promise (and Advice on Proactive Policies) of Teaching with Social Media

Ryan Cordell, Developing a Digital Etiquette Policy http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/developingadigitaletiquettepolicy/35406 (PH)

Brian Croxall, Reflections on Teaching with Social Media, http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/reflectionsonteachingwithsocialmedia/24556 (PH)

Natalie Houston, Being Social http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/fromthearchivesbeingsocial/35782 (PH)

Jason Jones, The Creepy Treehouse Problem, http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/thecreepytreehouseproblem/23027 (PH)

Ethan Watrall, Welcome to the Open Classroom http://streaming.msu.edu/storemedia/packages/vudat/4bf14c8bd455e/April_2010_bseries.html (video)

Michael Wesch, From Knowledgable to Knowledge-able: Learning in New Media Environments http://www.academiccommons.org/commons/essay/knowledgableknowledgeable (HTA)

Specific Links broken down by tool




  • LDM article on wikis (http://learningthroughdigitalmedia.net/howiusedwikistogetmystudentstodotheirreadings)


Google Docs/Google+


  • LDM article on Zotero (http://learningthroughdigitalmedia.net/sharingresearchandbuildingknowledgethroughzotero)





Bonus links


What are your favorite resources on teaching with social media?  Share them in the comments below.

[1] I’m using the term social media broadly here, as almost any online tool that encourages/allows interaction and/or collaboration.  “New media” or “digital” are probably more nebulous but also more inclusive of the approach I’m advocating here.