WordCamp Ed DC

These links are for my presentation, “Teaching Undergraduates with Blogs” at WordCamp Ed DC on November 22, 2008.

Techist — My personal blog on technology and teaching

Course Blogs — Content/Course Management System

Various Uses for Student Blogs
Research log – Historical Methods

Reading reaction journal – FSEM

  • Reading reactions and related links by R. Welker
  • Student-located additional materials by T. Brann

Continuing class discussion – US History in Film

Individual digital projects – US History in Film

Project management – Digital History

Digital History Class Projects

Student Reflections on Digital Projects/Blogging

Be sure to check out Elle W.’s detailed semester account and the Mud Pit’s wrangling with WordPress Multi-User at UMW (with a little teasing of the professor at the end…), while the post title says it all about this student’s reaction to the end of the semester in the 2007 FSEM course.

Other UMW uses of WordPress (Multi-User) Blogs in Teaching

And this is only a partial list of UMW course/teaching blogs, though many of this semester’s are catalogued here.   See also this link for a discussion of other ways people at UMW are using blogs.

Acknowledgements/Inspirations (Check them out!)