WordPress & Historical Projects (with Students) –Virginia Forum 2010

“Using WordPress to Easily Create Historical Projects (with Students)”
Virginia Forum
Christopher Newport University
April 16, 2010


  • For more on my classroom uses of blogs, see here.

WordPress as research log

WordPress as platform for individual student projects:

WordPress as basis for Digital Archives/Digital Historical group projects from Adventures in Digital History

Other UMW WordPress Projects

Other history institutions using WordPress

Other ideas at UMW for using blogs http://umwblogs.org/support/ten-ways-to-use-umw-blogs/

UMW support guide for using wordpress is here: http://umwblogs.org/support/wordpress-guide/

Helpful guide on choosing a hosting provider to set up your own site — http://www.profhacker.com/2010/04/12/from-the-archives-website-hosting-101/