JMU’s 2010 Teaching with Technology Conference

“Teaching and Learning with Student-Generated, Online, Creative, and Public New Media”
Links for presentation as part of keynote talk at JMU’s TLT Conference — October 8, 2010

Video of Presentation


—  What is New Media?
—  My Goals in using New Media tools
—  Examples of Classroom Use
—  Assessing the Impact
—  What Can You Do?

What is New Media? —

—  Blog as course management tool — History and American Studies Department list of current course sites

—  As site for collecting hard-to-find research sources for students —  Steve Harris’s Hist 485: Researching Russian and Soviet Resources

UMWers & New Media

JMU & New Media

Examples of Low Levels of Technology Use in Courses

Wiki for discussions in all my courses

— Blogs as Individual/Group Reflections

— Blogs as Research Logs (Historical Methods/Digital History)

More Intensive Uses of New Media Tools

— Examples of Individual digital projects — US History in Film

— Class Museum of history of technology projects (

— See also Krystyn Moon’s 19th-Century Museum at

Adventures in Digital History course

Digital Toolkit

UMWBlogs,, MIT’s Simile Timeline,, YouTube, GoogleDocs, Flickr

2008 Class & Projects–

  • Historical Markers Project [1]
  • UMW Alumni Project [2]
  • James Farmer Project [3]
  • James Monroe Papers Project [4] and [5]

2010 Class & Projects —

  • UMW Images Project [6]
  • Life and Legacy of Mary Ball Washington [7]
  • James Monroe’s Letters as Minister to France [8]
  • City of Hospitals: Fredericksburg in the Civil War [9]

CIT’s Google Sandbox —

ProfHacker essay on deploying students as tech mentors in classes

ProfHacker Group Column at the Chronicle of Higher Education

As mentioned in the Lunch session on assessing the impact of digital projects: — Video for “Did you know?”