Alumni College 2014

Links for Digital History Class for Alumni College 2014 – May 30, 2014
Jeffrey W. McClurken

What is “Digital History”?

o   Online scholarly article with all the sources included

o   GIS/imaging and historical maps

o   Archival collections of the recent past

o   3-D rendering

o   History as interactive game


o   Data-mining/Text mining


o   More traditional topics, but with powerful results


o   Digital History is also “crowdsourcing” creation of content


o   Other (partly serious) defining Digital Humanities options

University of Mary Washington Digital History Resources and Work

o   UMW digital image archives —

o   UMW Battlefield Yearbook (1913-today), Aubade (1971-present), and Academic Catalog– Digitized resources


o   UMWblogs –


History & American Studies Department work in blogs

Other departments’ history-related blogs

o   Marie McCallister’s 18th-Century Audio Blog

o   Marjorie Och’s Bernini Exhibit (Art History) —


My students’ work

Women’s History Course

o   Ultimately, we voted on recreating a classroom session from the 1950s –

History of the Information Age Course

Adventures in Digital History

o   Digital History Class  — (2008), (2010),, &

o   2008 Projects


o   2010 Projects

o   2012 class projects

o   2014 class projects

What can you do?

o  Transcribe a letter and make it available.

Individual approaches you can take:

o   Scanning old photos or sharing new digital ones

o   Interview relatives (or yourself) and post online.

o   Blogs as publishing platforms



UMW’s other forays in to the digital world

o   Digital Studies Minor —

o   Domain of One’s Own — &

o   ITCC – Convergence Center