Elderstudy 2013

Elderstudy Presentation — Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

Links for Elderstudy Talk – Google Drive
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The Differences Slavery Made — Thomas and Ayers — American Historical Review
Richmond’s Slave Market
Hypercities Earth
Visualizing Early Washington: A Digital Reconstruction of the Capital ca. 1814 – YouTube
The Mystery of Chaco Canyon – YouTube
Lincoln at 200
Hurricane Digital Memory Bank
The Lost Museum – Explore the Museum
Words in Titles, 1789-1914 | Victorian Books
Google Labs Ngram Viewer and the Coming of the Civil War | William G. Thomas
Journal of Digital Humanities
Issue 18.1 (Fall 2013) – Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy
PressForward: Discover, Curate, and Distribute Scholarship the Web Way
Vectors Journal: Introduction
Week 3 Questions/Comments-327 13 – UMW Blogs Wiki
A publishing platform for the Mary Washington community
A History of American Technology | Artifact by Artifact
James Farmer Lectures — A Civil Rights Leader’s Reflections
James Monroe Museum Political Cartoons
Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania Historical Markers | For extended research on the Highway Markers you pass everyday
James Monroe Papers
Historic Buildings of the University of Mary Washington —
Bernini 2013
2011 Venice Exhibit
Eighteenth-Century Audio — UMW Blogs
Rosie the Riveter — UMW Blogs
Digital History Project | Wheaton College
Physlets Home Page
Visualizing Emancipation
Links for Elderstudy Talk – Google Drive
Links for Elderstudy Talk – Google Drive
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Welcome to ds106
Online Learning Initiative — Building models for an online liberal arts experience at UMW
Minor in Digital Studies | College of Arts and Sciences | University of Mary Washington
A Domain of One’s Own | University of Mary Washington
Caitlin Murphy | Digital Resumé & Portfolio