My name is Kendall Simonpietri and I am a junior majoring in History.

I have lived in the Fredericksburg area all my life and have grown up enjoying all that the area has to offer… I am currently living at home, trying to save money and avoid as much misery that is college debt as possible. I enjoy riding my horse, being in the presence of my three dogs, and watching older movies. I am a pretty big classic movie fan and have included a photo of Doris Day and Rock Hudson from their film Pillow Talk.  I am pretty excited to discover what all the ’60s had to offer at Mary Washington.


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Introduction Post!

Hello! My name is Sara and I’m a senior WGST major.

I originally come from the suburbs of Richmond, VA, but I am currently living in a tiny apartment downtown. I have three rats named Annie, Talulah, and Tina.

I love music, and my favorite band is currently Talking Heads. (Tina got her name from the bassist of the band because I ran out of other names and I’m absolutely obsessed right now.)

I am currently working on my WGST capstone, which is focused on gender and sexuality in video art. Last semester I worked on short-form videos, and this semester I am expanding into a more series-based approach. It sounds fun and fancy, but it really is a lot of work!

Here’s a picture of Talulah and Tina hanging out in a pant leg. (No, I can’t really tell them apart, but I know it’s them because Annie lives separately from them right now because they’re new.)

Let me introduce myself…

by: X ray delta one, courtesy of Flickr…Hello, my name is Sarah Loesch. I currently live in Woodbridge with my husband and two children. My husband is a police officer in Fairfax county (which is the reason I chose the picture above). My oldest is Christian who is 9 and my youngest is Chloe who is 7.  I am a junior here at Mary Washington studying English and Education and look forward to graduation. I am excited about this project and can’t wait to see the end results.


Posting and comments

For those who have been asking about my expectations for posting and comments:

  • Post at least once a week.  Sometimes there are specific prompts on the syllabus for topics, but most weeks you should write about your projects and how they’re going.  Problems and successes, areas of interest, serendipitous discoveries all are fair game.  Individually these blogs posts are a project/research log of your semester.  Collectively, the class’s blog posts contribute to a community of experimentation and creativity and shared process.
  • Comment on at least two of your classmates’ blogs each week.  Part of being a community of practice is offering support, advice, and even constructive critiques.

Feel free to post and comment more often and more broadly.


Hi, I’m Carrie. I’m a junior studying Historic Preservation and plan on going on to work in museums. I’m originally from Fort Worth, Texas and just to get it out of the way, no, I don’t really like the Cowboys. I’ve always really loved history, especially the Civil War and early 20th century British history.

I never know what to write in introductions, and usually end up throwing out facts like my socks almost never match, or that my favorite candy is sour gummy worms.

This is a picture of one of my favorite historical figures. His name was Peter Rafferty and he was a private in Company B of the Irish Brigade during the Civil War. He was wounded several times during the Battle of Malvern Hill in 1862 and was eventually awarded one of the first Medals of Honor.

Courtesy of Framing Fox Art Gallery

Weekend tasks

As I said in class today, please do the following over the next few days:

  • By Noon Friday, let me know if you want to work on a particular decade for the project.  I will post the groups assignments by Friday evening on the blog.
  • By Sunday evening, create a new blog for your individual research log, email me the link to that blog, and publish your first post in which you introduce yourself and include an image (with attribution).
  • Next Tuesday, Remember that we’ll be meeting in Special Collections on the 2nd floor of the library.  We will see what materials are available for the project.  You’ll also have a chance to meet with your group and begin to talk about what set of sources you’ll be working with.

I’ve also updated the online syllabus with more information about the first research log assignment.

Hello world!

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